Mangrove Forest Tours for Corporate Groups and Private Families. Explore Exotic Locations like Storks Den, Majestic Garden, The Grandeur and other destinations like Far Island, Russian Beach, Khai Creek, Khuddi Creek and Keti bunder

Our Mangrove Forest Tour takes place in the safe and secure location of Port Qasim Vicinity near Far Island.

The Tour provides beautiful sightseing oppertunity and stable water for Speed Boating and Jet Ski Activities, all year long. The site is safe and secure with 100% privacy, as these grounds are not accessible by road network.

Speed Boat Ride, Forest and Island Tour, Jet Ski Ride and Into the Mangrove Exploration, You will have the opportunity to enjoy free activities including Water Sports - WOW Tube + Light Fishing + Boat Jumping + Swimming.

Witness nature in its true glory, Karachi has some of the most beautiful and serene scapes, yet most of us are not aware of its existence

Special Family Adventure Package

Full Day Adventure Package for Maximum 10-15 Persons

Customized Bhitkhori Exploration Packages

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