Experience Churna Island Arabian Sea Cruise with Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Live Food

It’s time to see how just far adventures can take you, get onboard the cruise ship to sail to Churna Island. The most popular Island Destination of Pakistan.

About Luxury Cruise Charter Trip to Churna Island

Churna Island for us is big swimming pool filled with Marine Life, a Hidden Paradise located in the Arabian Sea. Churna Island is best known and popular for Snorkeling and Scuba diving trips. The site is great to learn snorkleing and scuba diving.

Luxury Cruise Charter Trip to Churna Island

If you are Quality Conscious and belive in best in life, then you have come to the right place.

Forgot the Ugly and Dirty boats, Travel in style onboard our Exclusive Party Boat with Wash Room and Toilet Facility.

We Only Operate Private Churna Island Trips with Complete Privacy for your Friends and Family

Enjoy Yamaha Jet Ski's Refreshing and Thrilling Ride

Enjoy Yamaha Jet Ski VX100 & VX700 Series offer Hi-Performance, Refreshing Experience, Agility and Thrilling Ride and the kind of sharp handling that cheer you up.

Enjoy Yamaha Jet Ski Rides on Hourly Rental Basis.

Luxury Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Trips

Let far adventures take you on a trip to Snorkeling. Snorkling is Viewing Marine Life by Floating at Surface Level.

Snorkeling is swimming on body of water while wearing diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel. We got your back, We'll take you step by step through the setup, the skills you need, and the snorkel gear, you can learn and take a test dive in our pool at the beach. Snorkeling Session are conducted with Life Guards and Guide Ropes

Churna Island Swimming

Swimming at Churna is unforgetable experience for any Adventure Lover.

Learn Basic Buoyancy and Physical Control in water. As soon as you are comfortable in Pool, you will be trained for Open Sea

Underwater Photography

While you enjoy activities at Churna island, we will be constantly taking pictures until the moments are captured in the most amazing way

Your Own Underwater Picture and Memories for a Lifetime

Lunch at Churna Island

Customized Food Service Options are Avialable on Private Tours only and wide variaty of Food Services are Available to Choose from.

Live Aboard - Night Stay at Churna Island

Live Aboard the Luxury Vessel, Enjoy the Goodness of Churna Island at Night with Night Bottom Fishing and More. Enjoy The Memorising Sunset and Live BBQ Fish Dinner at Night. Morning Brings Plenty of Oppertunity for Ocean Swimming, Fishing and More.

Special Night Charter Tours Include Day Time Cruise, Sunset Cruise, and more

Private Speed Boat Trips to Churna Island

An Churna Island Express, Experience of a Lifetime. Enjoy Exciting High Speed Cruise to Churna Island, on High Quality Speed Boat. Genrally Available for Maximum 10 Persons

Special Churna Island Exress Cruise Trip Available for Private Chartes Only

Bottom Fishing & Spear Fishing Trips to Churna Island

Enjoy Night Fishing Tours to Churna Island, with Trolling and Bottom Fishing. Special Spearfishing Guide and Package available

Special Fishing Packages are available for Private Chartes Only